Some Globe Facts:
The moon relief globe is NASA-based, showing all details (resolution ~6.2 miles) on the far and nearside, completely hand-painted, sphere diameter = 11.8 inches (30cm); total height 17-inches (43 cm), total weight = 8.8 lb (4 Kg), made of stable artificial plaster, mounted on a noble classic wooden base, worldwide dispatch in almost compulsively secured packaging

How durable are these globe?
The Moon relief globe consists of a ceramic casting mass and has a wall thickness of about 3/8 inches. As long as you don't drop it or maltreat it with sharp objects, it will last a few hundred years.

How is the Moon Globe made?
A high-resolution "Mother-Model" was produced by selective laser sintering. This model was cast with silicone. The ceramic mass is filled into the 2-part silicone mould and turned in the rotocaster until the mass solidifies. After that, the cast moon must rest for 1 week. Then possible seam lines are retouched. "Stair-stepping effects" due to laser sintering are only minimally visible in the pole regions. The moon is primed and then hand-painted with dozens of shades of grey. Finally, the lunar sphere is mounted on the base by means of a vertical rod. Production time is about 4 weeks.